Metal Fabrication

  • Aluminum: We weld, roll, form and cut all grades of aluminum for many kinds of jobs; from fabricating structures, cutting parts from sheets to forming and rolling into shapes.
  • Steel: We have lots of experience in custom steel work for many industries.
  • Stainless Steel: We have the equipment for cutting, bending, forming, machining, and welding many types and thicknesses of stainless steel. We have fabrication experience working with both thick and thin stainless steel for a wide range of industries and uses.

Metal Cutting

  • Laser: Laser cutting is often the most effective process for cutting plate or sheet metal for sheet metal fabrication, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and many other alloys WaterJet: Many industries can benefit from the accuracy and variety of materials our WaterJet can cut.
  • Tube Laser: We offer tube laser cutting.
  • Shearing: Shearing is most often used in conjunction with another process such as laser cutting or turret punching. This is the most effective way for our steel fabricators and aluminum fabricators to make long straight cuts up to 12′ wide, for up to 0.375″ thick mild steel, 0.25″ aluminum, and 0.25″ stainless steel.
  • Saw: We also offer a full line of sawing capabilities including a variety of band saws and chop saws. Our saws are effective for cutting various types of tube, rod, or extrusions. Many of these are automated and programmable for repeatable quality and increased throughput.

Metal Bending & Forming

  • Press Brake: Our layout software for the press brakes can sequence the proper bends so we make most efficient use of the material and time.
  • Sheet: Our hand brake, sheet roller, English wheel, power hammer, and shrinking stretching machine enable us to form nearly any complex form from sheet metal.
  • Tubing: We use a variety of manual and CNC bending equipment that can accommodate steel and aluminum tubing.

Metal Welding

  • TIG: We are experts at aluminum welding, as 90% of our work is aluminum. We can weld mild and stainless steel as well.
  • MIG: MIG welding can be used on all thicknesses of steels, on aluminum, nickel, and even on stainless steel, etc. However, it is most typically utilized in manufacturing and in commercial fabrication settings.


  • CAD
  • Finishing
  • Material Handling
  • Laser

Metal Sale

We also sell Aluminum, Stainless Steel , Cold Rolled Metals, Round Tubing, AR Plate, and Bar Grating. If you don’t see it ask!

Metal Remnant Sale

Our remnant inventory consists of all types and shapes of material such as: Angle, Grate X, Channel, Square/Rectangular Tubing, Flat/Strip, Rebar, Hex Bar, Expanded Metalli, Round/Square Bar, Wide Flange/I-Beam, Bar/Structural Channel, Floor Plate

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